Jeffrey Fank

This website dedicated to the truth ab0ut Jeffrey Fank

There is a smear campaign against Jeffrey Fank by a couple of sick, twisted people that hired Jeff's company to work on their home. These couple of people did not live up to the contracts they signed and did not make the payments they agreed to on the contract. Jeffrey Fank through his attorney drafted default letters and had notifications of default sent to these people. When these  people did not catch up on the payments Jeffrey Fank's company had no choice but to stop work on their projects. The contracts they signed were with Jeff's company not him personally. The interesting thing is that these people, who claimed to get ripped off, never filed a legal claim against Jeffrey Fank in any court. What they did was go on line and start posting lies about Jeffrey Fank. This site is to get truth out!

The truth is Jeffrey Fank has designed and build hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of projects over the past 28 Years. Jeff's company has had as many as 22 revolving building crews working in the Chicago land area. Jeff's company was building so many uniquely creative and top quality projects for some of the areas largest and most elite builders that In 2001 Jeffrey was hire by Trex Corp. as a design consultant to help design their product line. Jeff's design ideas were published in their national ad campaign and are still being used by this company today. 

I will be posting the actual documentation on these twisted people, from the false reports made to the States Attorney General (which they advised this person to stop the false report or face prosecution) to the arrest report where one of these people were arrested for threatening Jeffrey's family (with a reference to rape of his girlfriend and 14 year old daughter)

These cowards have no claim in our legal system and rely on slander to try to tear down good people.